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Exterior Painting Service

Exterior painting requires more attention to detail since the paint will constantly be exposed to outside moisture and sunlight. Your exterior painting needs to be tough and resilient while still being able to maintain its color. With our techniques, we make that all the checkboxes for high-quality exterior painting are thoroughly filled out.


Exterior painting demands more prep work since no two homes are the same. Depending on the weather for your area, you may have to deal with various environmental conditions like fog, wind, or rain -- all of which can affect your exterior painting.


Before applying a new coat, we'll smooth out the surface by sanding and scraping the old paint, ensuring ensure that our fresh coat of paint will stick well and last for much longer. Smoothing out surface blemishes and other rough edges is an essential first step.


Exterior surfaces present a different kind of challenge compared to interior walls. We need to stay mindful of how the paint looks under different lighting conditions throughout the day.


We provide customers with a wealth of options to choose from that best fit their preferences and needs. Let us know what you want for your home painting, and we can provide you with recommendations. You can always rely on It's all about U, LLC to take care of everything.